Prices & Membership Fees:

  • Class Drop-In, or Open Gym Drop In …… $14.00.
  • 5-time Punch Pass (classes only) …… $55.00.
  • 10-time Punch Pass (classes only) …… $110.00.
  • Ski Conditioning Class (twice weekly + mobility class [optional]) …… $110.00 p/month.
    An hour-long class, twice weekly (+ optional Friday mobility class included): A thoughtfully structured in-season class to fully prepare you to be injury-proof and at optimum fitness for the beginning of ski season.
  • General Mountain Fitness Circuit Class (twice weekly + mobility class [optional]) …… $110.00 p/month.
    An hour-long circuit class, twice weekly (+ optional Friday mobility class included). Class for the athlete looking to develop general fitness, durability, and strength for all mountain sports.
  • Open Gym Membership …… $65.00 p/month.
    This allows athletes free use of the gym for their own self-directed training, without the assistance of a plan or coach. Gym is open for these members around structured class time.
  • Yearly Membership …… $950.00 p/year.
    Unlimited access to all classes and open gym, and a TMP T-shirt, for entire calendar year.
  • One-On-One Athlete Training with Coach …… $60.00 p/hour. OR 8-sessions for $400 Call to make an appointment.
  • Athlete Consultations …… $45.00
    These 30-40-minute personal meetings are for those athletes seeking specific training advice, nutritional advice, or further learning/advancement with their competitive racing, adventures, or mental training/sports psychology. Also included, is a follow up email, outlining the discussion for your reference.
  • Mobility Class only …… $8.00 per session.

**To sign up for classes or open gym membership, click on the individual cells in the calendar. PRINTABLE VERSION OF THE SCHEDULE

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** The color coordination for classes listed above in the schedule identifies that each class signed up for is a certain time slot during the week, twice weekly.  For example, an athlete can sign up for Monday & Wednesday at 6 am in red.  And same for green:  Tues & Thursday class, during certain time slot.
This guarantees your spot in the class time, on those days of the week.