Training Plans

We are in the process of developing sport-specific training plans that are meant to be self-directed, for motivated individuals training away from our gym.  Later this year, we plan to offer cycling plans, climbing plans, hunting plans, ski conditioning plans, and more run plans similar to those found below.




We are excited to offer the following two 12-week long running training plans, specifically designed for individuals training for The Rut 11km, 28km and 50km Mountain Running Races, in Big Sky, Montana, on August 31st –  Sepember 2nd, 2018.  


Although they were designed with The Rut Races in mind, our 11km, 28 km and 50 km training plans are wonderful instructional guides for any individual training for a mountain running race of similar distances, and vertical.



These plans are only 12-weeks long, and were structured to be direct lead-in to the Rut races.  You should NOT purchase either plan and expect to dive right into the exact structure of either plan without already having a solid base of training–ideally 12 weeks– before you begin with these. These plans are for healthy and vigorous individuals; they may not be suitable for all runners.  It is important to note, however, these plans may also serve as great instructional guides and learning tools for more beginner/novice trail runners.  Some of the workouts contained in these plans may be too strenuous and advanced for some runners, but the ideas, methodology and structure should be good learning for all.  Even if you do not follow every workout exactly, you should be able to use the overall design of the plans to advance personally as a runner.  Just remember, you are in control of your own training, and must scale your training intensity appropriately to your own skill set.  Listen to your body, and enjoy!