Our Gym

Authenticity & Inclusiveness

Opening new doors to people through training and community

The Mountain Project was built from our passion for sharing the inspiration and fulfillment that comes from exploring the wild world with athletes of all ages and fitness levels. We’re here to open doors to new adventures and a community of fellow athletes to keep you motivated during the most challenging times. Our programs are meant for anyone who wants to climb higher, run stronger, push harder, and go further – even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before. Whatever your goals are, our mission is to get you to the summit that previously seemed out of reach.

We offer seasonally based, sport specific group classes ; one-on-one athlete training ; and individualized, sport-specific coaching .


In addition to training in the gym 2-4 days a week – depending upon the sport you are preparing for – our coaches will also provide you with workout ideas and structure for how to spend your other days outside the gym, practicing the sport you love. The Mountain Project’s facility offers athletes a large open space with room to run, jump, lift, climb, pedal, and push.

As we grow and our programs evolve, we’ll continue to offer social events , training seminars with guest professionals, and group training activities to make sure you always have that ‘go to’ list of people willing to get out and get after it at a moment’s notice. Because, as we know first-hand, it’s more fun to share the adventure!