Progressive Training & Accountability

Our coaches are here to foster your growth and ability for a lifetime of adventures, not promote shorter-term weight loss or offer quick-fix fitness goals. This is about epic experiences, hard work and commitment; not bathing suit season.

The Mountain Project offers customized progression-based training plans for one reason: we will make sure you’re 100% ready for your biggest mountain endeavors. This isn’t just bootcamp or circuit training a couple times a week. This is developing a real connection between athlete and coach to design a unique training program for each individual we work with.  As coaches, we remain in close contact with all our athletes to monitor workload and adaptation, always fine tuning and individualizing training structure for your optimum progress.

As coaches, our role is to keep your motivation strong, and hold you accountable for your training commitments for every season. That’s why everything we do is built on logical, experience-based progression to get you where you want to be year-round. Whether you’re training for the summer cycling season or ski mountaineering, we’ll encourage you to aim further than you’ve ever gone, and deliver the map to get you there.

Online/Distance Coaching:

We currently offer distance coaching and consults to athletes for the following:

  • Climbing (rock, ice, alpinism)
  • Mountain running, ultra-running, and road running
  • Cycling (mountain, cyclo-cross, & road)
  • Triathlon
  • Nutritional consultations

We charge $165.00 per-month for custom, personalized coaching. We take the coach-athlete relationship seriously: this is an intimate process where we are in constant communication to best serve our athletes, and their goals and progress.

*Depending on the need of the athlete (i.e. multi-sport athletes, additional custom strength workouts, etc.) this price may increase

Please contact us directly for more information on structure, and availability.