Athlete Profiles

Brianne Stevenson

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you chose Bozeman as your home? What do you do for work? And what does an average day in the life of Bri look like?

Moving to Bozeman 5 years ago was coming home to the state that had my heart. I grew up in Missoula and knew I wanted to get back to Montana eventually. The backyard playground lifestyle of Bozeman intrigued me to job hunt here. I’m a physical therapist and love that I get to help the community get back out to adventuring in our mountain trails and rivers…or shoveling all the snow in their driveways!


What brought you to The Mountain Project for your first training session, class, or event?

I was looking into different workout classes to get some conditioning before ski season and heard about this new gym opening called The Mountain Project. Their training philosophy and workout style of cardio/strength/agility/plyometrics was exactly what I was looking for. I came the first day the gym opened and haven’t looked back. This is an amazing community of friends/adventure buddies!


What motivates you to keep coming back and doing the work? Are there specific events/races you’re training for? Or is it simply the desire to be in your best shape for whatever adventures come along?

I’m a fan of getting my sweat on and the classes at TMP make that happen! They keep me in shape so I can attempt to keep up with my uber athletic friends. I do a few races a year for fun, but mainly just adventure to keep me young at heart.


What are the top 3 words you’d use to describe the community of coaches at The Mountain Project?

Bad-ass. Witty. Passionate


OK. Now for the important stuff. What’s your post-adventure beverage or indulgence of choice?

I’m not too picky when it comes to imbibing post-adventure drinks… usually a cold beer with good company!

Patrick Burr

Give us a little background info about you – like  how you picked Bozeman as your mountain adventures hometown, what you do for work, and what your average day is like?

I moved to Bozeman in 1996 with my parents. My dad often jokes about how I’m not grateful enough that he brought us here instead of some city. I grew up snowboarding, hiking and fishing. Now my main outdoor activities are trail running, backpacking and foraging for mushrooms, berries and whatever else I can find.

I own Roots Kitchen & Cannery which is a small batch cannery focused on using local produce and fruit. My day involves sourcing produce, coming up with fun new recipes, sales calls, jamming, canning and whatever else comes up.

What brought you to The Mountain Project for your first training session, class, or event?

My kitchen has been located at 507 Bond St for 4 years now and I was so fortunate to have Mike Wolfe purchase the building and move in next door. It has been incredibly motivating and inspiring to have him and his crew as neighbors. They invited me over to train on their opening day and I’ve been consistently working out there since. It has been incredible to say the least.

What motivates you to keep coming back and doing the work?  Are there specific events/races you’re training for?  Or are you just looking to kick a@# whenever adventures come along?

I have a few races that I’m training for including a 50k, but mostly I just want to be in the best shape that I can be so I can run around in the woods like an animal. The training at the Mountain Project has made me more sure footed and increased my endurance to a level I didn’t think I would achieve especially in such a short amount of time.

Give us the top 3 words that come to mind when you think about the community of coaches and athletes at The Mountain Project

Compassionate, inspiring, and FUN!

What is the post-adventure or workout indulgence of choice that keeps you going when you need some extra motivation to get it done?

When I get back from a backpacking trip or a long run I usually crave Snickers and Doritos, which I rarely eat on my day to day.