What to Expect at the Mountain Project

Who is it right for…


Anyone, at any fitness level who wants to get stronger and work hard. TMP’s classes are challenging, but we’re guessing that’s what you are looking for. Classes are formatted so athletes do their best work based on their current fitness level. For example, many exercises are multi-functional, meaning you are recruiting multiple muscle groups through a series of exercises. However, each exercise can be brought down to its simplest form so anyone can do it. We love helping people modify exercises. You have to start somewhere. Starting or showing up for the first time is the actual hard part.


What kind of exercises will we do…


TMP’s goal is to create a well-rounded athlete, incorporating, strength, muscular endurance, power, balance & stability, and coordination, as well as, mental stamina. Each class is unique depending on the goal for the day. Class may focus on one of the above or a combination. The format of class varies day to day, again depending on the goal. It also keeps class spicy and fun.


I’m nervous, I don’t want to look stupid and I feel intimidated…


Feeling intimidated is normal. Facing that intimidation is part of the fun, and you will quickly learn TMP is quite the opposite. We create a playful, laid back, yet industrious atmosphere with genuine camaraderie. At TMP, we’re family. Join the fun.


Class Descriptions:

General Mountain Fitness

This class is more playfully designed than the more focused programs we offer. We have fun building these classes and consider all mountain sports in Montana. It is often well-balanced with lower body, upper body, and core strength evenly across the board. Class format varies class to class.

Cycling and Running Conditioning

this class focuses on general upper body strength and stabilization. It emphasizes a strong lower body, specifically, strong hip flexors and extensors. Ankle stability is also considered. And of course, a solid abdominal core. The program incorporates muscular endurance, strength and a power element (for those cyclists looking to get the most out of their pedal stroke or be strong uphill runners).

One-on-one Athlete Training

One hour of training with our coaches allows us to build workouts specific to your needs and/or athletic goals. You’ll get feedback right away on form and technique, so you can be confident you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. One-on-one coaching is great for anyone… A) with a specific goal in mind, B) is new to strength training C) who prefers the one-on-one coach and client relationship, OR D) who might be intimidated by the class environment, but would like to transition into classes.

Mobility Class

This class involves stretching, foam rolling, trigger point exercises, and joint traction exercises as a supplementary means to strength and endurance recreation. A laid-back atmosphere with a different vibe in music from Friday to Friday.

Hunting Conditioning

This 12-week summer course will focus on building strength, fitness and injury prevention. Each class will be tailored to the unique training needs of the hunters attending. We will include “biathlon” style workouts to truly prepare you for bow season; some workouts will be high cardiovascular work sessions with mid-work target shooting for ultimate bow season preparation!