Tell us a little bit about yourself. We know you work for REACH Air Medical, are happily married to Nora Hellman, and often provide some sarcastic, comedic relief in the gym – but, what does a day in the life of Hellman look like? 

A day in the life? It’s usually pretty vanilla. My job affords me a deluxe schedule that leaves plenty of space for recreation, community involvement, and family. My interests are similar to most of us living in and around Bozeman. I’m drawn to the energy found playing in the mountains. Quality of life is a priority and that means a healthy work – life balance that includes bicycles, skis, running shoes, coffee, a camera, Nora (hot wife), usually a dog and always adventure.

What first brought you to The Mountain Project to train?

I have known and worked with Mike Foote for many years. He, along with some old Missoula friends, told me that Mike Wolfe was creating a place for everyone. This was something different and it has not been a disappointment. The Mountain Project cultivates dynamism. We are challenged as athletes to train and develop physical as well as mental strength and endurance. It also happens to be fun.

We’ve heard a lot of thoughts and opinions on TMP’s playlists during class. Tell us, for music, Wolfe, Kipp, or Colleen? 

I’m confused why this is still a question. Wolfe.

If you were to describe The Mountain Project – it’s community, classes, and coaches – in three words, they would be: 

1. relationships
2. dynamism
3. tribe

If you could stock the gym’s mini fridge with one food or drink that was all yours to snag post-workout, what would it be? 

Coconut water. I really like coconut water.