Our true niche at The Mountain Project. We provide seasonally based classes, specific to mountain sports in Montana. These classes begin pre-season, so when snow hits or the trail gets tacky you’re ready to rip. See our class schedule for details per class

Membership options and pricing

  • Drop in: $15-
  • 5-Time Punch Card: $65-
  • 10-Time Punch Card: $120- (*Student pricing: $110-)
  • 1-month membership*: $110-
  • 3-month membership*: $305-
  • 6-month membership*: $550-
  • Yearly membership*: $999-
    *unlimited classes & open gym

Open Gym

Want to do your own thing? Come in during our open gym hours, and put yourself through your own personal torture.

Membership options and pricing

  • 5-Time Punch Card: $65-
  • 10-Time Punch Card: $120-
  • Monthly membership: $65-

One-on-one in-house personal training

Classes aren’t for everyone. From novice to elite, our goal is your goal. Whether you have a specific endeavor or are simply looking to get your foot in the door at your own pace, we’d love to help. We love being invested in our clients. Give us a call, and we will set you up with one of our reputable coaches.

Membership options and pricing

  • One-session: $60-
  • 8-session pack: $400-
  • 2-person training: $90/per session

Online Coaching

For the athlete near or afar who is training for a specific endeavor or goal. We provide weekly plans utilizing a coach-client user friendly program called Training Peaks. These plans are customized to your goals, lifestyle, and timeline. We consider and implement all training principles, such as, periodization, overload, specificity, and recovery, etc. A few examples (but not limited to) we have trained people for are: biathlon/Nordic skiing, mountain running races from 5k to 100-miles, the Tour Divide multi-day mountain bike race, Denali mountaineering, and much more.

Membership options and pricing

  • One-month: $165-

Athlete Consultations

Need a little direction? We offer 45-minute consultations for any training questions you may have. This may include how to train for a mountain marathon to sports nutrition. Really, we are happy to answer any question you may have. We can help direct you in your training and what steps you might take next.

Membership options and pricing

  • Athlete consult: $45-