Hunting Conditioning 1 or 3 Months


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This is an hour-long class, twice weekly, designed for active backcountry hunters–bow or rifle. A monthly membership for this class also includes unlimited open gym time, and optional Fridaymobility/recovery class.  This is a 12-week training progression from June 5th until opening day of bow hunting season. These classes are thoughtfully structured to build hunt specific strength, fitness, and prevent injuries.  We will be tailoring the class weekly to the unique training needs of hunters attending. We will include “biathlon” style workouts to truly prepare you for bow season; some workouts will be high cardiovascular work sessions, with mid-work target shooting for ultimate bow season preparation! Once bow season starts, we will continue hunting conditioning classes during bow season, and up until the opener of rifle season, to help you maintain your fall fitness for hunting during season.

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