Ice Climbing Training Plan

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  • Description

    This plan is designed for the intermediate to advanced level winter Ice/Mixed/Alpine climber.

    It is designed to get climbers ready for hard technical winter climbing, and/or long alpine climb days where stamina and endurance play a large role in success.

    The plan is built on a 12-week progression but can be modified for an 8-week build as well.  Before purchasing this plan, know that you will need access to either a climbing gym or a dry tool wall.

    Many of the workouts contained in the plan are dry tool workouts, or can be modified to do on a bouldering wall at a climbing gym. The climb workouts constitute 1-2 days a week, and there are an optional 3rd strength day (where some kind of basic gym access or equipment is needed).

    The rest of the workouts contained in the plan are outside workouts; running, hiking, or skiing, to train your stamina and endurance for big mountain days.