Personal Training

Personal Training

One hour of training with our coaches allows us to build workouts specific to your needs and/or athletic goals. You’ll get feedback right away on form and technique, so you can be confident you are doing the exercises correctly and safely.

One-on-one training is great for anyone …

  1. with a specific goal in mind
  2. is new to strength training
  3. who prefers the one-on-one coach and client relationship, OR D) who might be intimidated by the class environment, but would like to transition into classes.

We strive to develop a real connection between athlete and coach to design a unique training session for each individual we work with. As coaches, we work to monitor workload, adaptation and progression, always fine tuning and individualizing training structure for your optimum progress.

Membership options and pricing

  • One hour — $60
  • First Time Beginner 8-Pack — $400 **paid in full
  • Dual Athlete — $90

**We will offer personal training to two athletes at the same time; however, we ask that the relationship between these two individuals lends itself to a cooperative, hard-working partnership with both themselves and their coach.