You’re a world-class athlete and total badass!  What first brought you to The Mountain Project as the best gym/training option to hit your competition goals?

The mountain project had everything we were looking for in training for the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games. I absolutely love the layout and the bad ass feeling you get when you workout there. The way you can train there you can’t train in any other place. 


Tell us a little bit about your training sessions at TMP.  What keeps you motivated while pushing you to new limits of physical and emotional strength for Olympic level competition?

Our training sessions will vary on what the training block is. A month out from the Paralympic Games we are doing power lifts. I get motivated to push my self in the gym by seeing so many new innovative workouts the coaches set up for classes and it’s always good to change things up and keep your body guessing. Every time i am in the gym Mike and Emily are always psyched to follow our success at races and go above and beyond in making sure we have what we need. It’s an amazing feeling knowing the place you train is so supportive. I love working out there. PLUS their music there is always on point!

Where have you felt the most progress in your competitive edge while getting your sweat on at TMP? 

I would have to say having the ability to train during the weekends and holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving. We have been super lucky and fortunate to have the ability to get our sweat on when ever our training calls. I am so grateful for the generosity the Mountain project has given us. When we bring home a medal for team USA, The mountain project will own half of that medal because our success wouldn’t be possible without the ability to get our sweat on off the snow.

Give us a glimpse of the events you’ll be competing in during upcoming weeks and months, and how you’re mentally preparing in addition to all of your physical training?

I will be racing in all Cross Country events, sprint, middle and long distance. And all of the Biathlon, sprint, mid and individual and possibly a cross country relay. Right now my mental prep is just believing in the work I have put in on snow and at The Mountain Project.  Now it’s just sharpening things and staying relaxed.

When the TMP community gets together to cheer you on and celebrate your victories, should we toast with IPA, champagne, or kombucha?

Ooohhh that is a tough one.  But, of course I would have to go with an IPA or maybe a whiskey!