Give us the low-down — where you’re from, how you made your way out to Bozeman, what you enjoy doing when you’re not training, etc.

I moved to Bozeman to join the Bridger Ski Foundation Elite team in 2015. I grew up on the northern border of Maine–a humble, hard-working, close-knit community called Fort Kent. I’ve poured my energy and passion into nordic ski racing and training full-time since coming to Bozeman. When I’m not doing that, I’m working at 406 Brewing Company, mentoring with Thrive, playing music, or committing non-crimes with friends (it’s like getting all the excitement and thrill of crimes, but completely appropriate–get in touch if you’re curious).

Word on the street is that you enjoy skiing… Tell us, how did you get into this sport? What are your goals for this season?

I grew up playing ball sports with my brothers, dad, and their friends. Endurance sports seemed silly to me. I broke into that world, however, when my dad started taking me crust skiing. We’d hop on nordic skis in the sunny spring and fly on the morning crust, from field to field for hours. It was the first time I enjoyed playing outside without some kind of ball and goal. In high school, a nordic program called Maine Winter Sports Center had high-level programming and really good funding. I was drawn by the opportunities to “do sport” around the world and by the closer correlation between hard work and results than seemed to be true in team sports. It was only MY fault if I didn’t put enough work in.

This season, my eyes are set on top-15 results at World Championships in Seefeld, Austria in February, and in World Cup racing.

We’ve heard you sing at the top of your lungs during BSF’s training sessions in the gym (mostly to Rihanna…whoops, secret’s out…) but we also know you sing and play guitar in a local band. Have you always been into music?

You’re lucky that isn’t the top of my lungs! Also, Rihanna is otherworldly.

I’ve always been musical, but didn’t realize that could play a role in my life other than car-singing until I picked up one of the school’s saxophones in 5th grade. Most recently I realized that creating music is my favorite emotional outlet–a creative expression of my reflections of the crazy things we get into, care so much about, and are so heavily affected by. And it’s so fun!

How would you describe your team, coaches and the BSF community? Any advice for the younger athletes in the BSF program?

Familial. The BSF Elite Team right now is comprised of some of nicest people I’ve worked with in any capacity. And the BSF community at large really does feel like a family. Everyone is looking out for each other. If I mention I’m a part of BSF around town, people show respect because they’ve been affected positively by someone tied with BSF.

For younger athletes, make sure you keep finding that balance between purposeful work and hilarity as you get older and have to “become an adult.” If you’re curious how to do this, look to Mike, Emily, and Colleen at The Mountain Project. They are some of the best in Bozeman at balancing work and fun.

Favorite post-training meal…(this is important)…

Hawaiian Style Bratwurst by Pioneer Meats. I could exist on just those and water. Once I retire, I want to try a “Brat Cleanse”. Only bratwurst and water for a week. I could document changes I see in my body and share the info with other sausage enthusiasts so they can benefit from my research and development (we call it R&D in the food world). My guess is that after a week, I’ll want to try another week, and so on. It may take years until I want to eat something else. Hop on over to Town and Country and get yourself some of these. Delectable!

You and the rest of your team have been coming into The Mountain Project for some time now and we’d say you know its community pretty well. How would you describe the gym and the coaches here?

Fun, earnest, and knowledgeable. I’m always anxious to come banter with the coaches when we come in to train. But I can also ask their advice on anything training related and they’re willing and able to flip the switch and help me in a meaningful way. Being a part of a gym hasn’t ever really mattered to me until becoming a part of the TMP team. They’ve changed the culture of strength training for so many people in this community. It’s contagious and exciting. The Mountain Project is a place to laugh, dance, and push yourself to new limits as an athlete and a person.

You get the last word. Anything else you’d like to add about yourself, racing, BSF, TMP, etc?…

Mike Wolfe is a good boy.