Tell us a little bit about yourself in terms of where you grew up and what your life is like now.  Why have you chosen Bozeman as your current base camp for life’s adventures, big and small?

Born and raised here, my roots have always been in Bozeman. I left for seven years after high school, attending college in Vermont and spending a few years beach running, road biking, and working in San Francisco, but this August Bozeman wooed me back, as I knew it eventually would. I love that phrase, “base camp for life’s adventures” – it so adeptly describes what Bozeman is to me. It’s a place you long to come back home to and a place from which you eagerly take the first step out of, into unknown adventures, challenges, and yet-to-be-friendships that lay before you…. plus, for a landlocked state, the sushi ain’t too shabby either.

What mountain adventures or fitness goals brought you to TMP?  How have the classes and/or training programs helped you make steady progress toward those goals?

The longest and truest friendships in my life have been made experiencing memorable (typically painful), unplanned, and untimed training in the mountains together. It’s those individuals that brought me to the front door of The Mountain Project this year. What I’ve come to know over the last 6 months is that The Mountain Project coaches are made of the same cloth as those friends I’ve made running (slogging), skiing (falling), and biking (definitely falling) in the mountains. Their expertise, easy laughter, friendship, and focus on the Bozeman community have me walking through the front door every week, smile on my face, determined to be better, do better, and strive for bigger goals.

Where do you want your TMP training to take you in the next year? Any specific races or events on your horizon?

My highest priority for the next year is to stay happy, healthy, and injury free to participate in the multitude of races and events that happen throughout the summer and fall. Most recently, I’ve been mulling over an idea which involves choreographing a 200+ mile, 30+ hour, relay race through Yellowstone National Park…pending wildlife cooperation.

What’s your favorite way to rest, recharge, and celebrate the end of a hard training session or big outdoor adventure?  Food or beverage indulgence recommendations welcomed 🙂

Pizza. It’s all about the pizza. (Bonus points awarded if said pizza is paired with fresh, cold Moscow Mules.)