You’re one of the original athletes to sign up for training at The Mountain Project. Tell us what drew you to the gym and training programs in the first place.

I started working with Mike in the summer of 2016, while training for The Rut 50K. He was offering Rut training plans, and I decided if anyone would know how to train for The Rut, it would be him. I knew of his previous accomplishments, and I was excited to work with him. Through training, I learned that he was moving to Bozeman to open a gym in August of 2016. I checked out the gym and fell in love with it.

Who have been your coaches at TMP? How did their coaching style and customized training program work for you in terms of keeping you motivated and committed?

All of the coaches are amazing! They take training seriously, but have positive and energetic personalities. The Mountain Project community is awesome; it’s not just coaches and clients, but a team of friends united by a common passion for being in the mountains. As an ultra-runner, I have been working primarily with Mike. It has been incredible training with him. He’s a legend. The goals I want to accomplish someday, He’s been there, done that. That really keeps me motivated and inspired to train hard. As a coach, He is really down to earth and truly cares about his athletes and helping them accomplish their goals.

Where have you seen the biggest performance results since starting your The Mountain Project workouts?

Mobility and Flexibility. Apparently you’re supposed to work on stuff like that as a runner. I started taking the mobility class last summer as a focused recovery/stretch session, and since the first class it has kicked my butt. Strength training with TMP, especially during the off season, has also played a huge part in correcting weaknesses and building the strength needed to run up mountains.

What are the mountain adventures or athletic goals that keep you coming back to The Mountain Project for a good sweat and steady progress?

I love spending big days in big mountains. I’m drawn to a spiritual side of ultra-running, diving into the unknown in search of my own limits, until I’m defeated in humility by the biggest mountains. I have my eyes set on races like Hardrock, UTMB, even Tor des Geants.

If challenged to a fitness duel, would you choose burpees, pull-ups, or squat jumps?

Squat jumps. It’s going down.