You’re both two of our original TMP athletes! What first motivated you to come train at The Mountain Project? 

Mary: We moved to Bozeman right before TMP opened and were looking for a gym. I trained with Emily a bit in Missoula and loved her classes so knew I had to try it out! As I was getting more into trail running and running longer distances, I was nervous about getting injured and also wanted to improve overall strength. TMP helps me stay healthy and achieve running and skiing goals. For example, Ive been working towards running a 50 miler for a few years and TMP helped me accomplish that this summer.

Axel: I was attracted to the focus on functional strength. I like how the exercises make me better in the mountains rather than just making me better in the gym.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves! How you met, your lives here in Bozeman, how you like to spend your time outside…

Mary: I met in college in Missoula (Go Griz!). We went running on our first date, Axel got us lost, and I kept hanging out with him since he had a car and could drive me to ski at Snowbowl. We’ve been married for 5 years now! Outside of our day jobs, we do a lot of running and skiing. If I could do anything any day, it would be skiing. I’m also trying to get into mountain biking, which is terrifying!

Axel: Sounds about right!

You both recently went and backpacked England’s Coast to Coast trail – tell us about it! Any more big adventures planned in the future? 

Mary: England was really cool! My parents let us tag along their trip so it was great family adventure time. A lot of sheep, good Indian food, and who knew England had such cool mountains and lakes? We’re currently working on exploring more of MT and feel lucky to live somewhere with such easy access. Hopefully international adventures will happen again soon too!

Partner  fitness duel: ski battle, TMP battle, run battle — who would win which?

Axel: Ski Battle: This one is close. We always try to release the other out of their bindings but no one seems to gain the upper hand. Poles can usually be stolen pretty easily and a blind-sided tackle is never out of the question on a pow day. That the kind of battle you’re talking about, right?

TMP Battle: Planks: me. Every other exercise: Mary.

Run Battle: I might win a shorter race but Mary is undefeated at 50 miles.

How would each of you describe The Mountain Project? It’s athletes, community, coaches, etc….

Mary: All aspects of TMP are welcoming and fun. I never feel intimidated by class, the coaches, etc. even though everyone is a total badass. The coaches are thoughtful and attentive. I love running into other TMP athletes around town and in the mountains, it’s a great connection to share.

Axel: I agree!