You’re a world-class athlete and a total badass!  What first brought you to The Mountain Project as the best gym/training option to hit your competition goals?

The Paralympic national team has made Bozeman home for the past two winters.  One of the first things that we tried to figure out was where we were going to get our strength workouts. We checked out a couple places in town and quickly gravitated to The Mountain Project.   Mike and Emily were awesome about letting us move anything around to accommodate our lifting session.  The gym gives us endless possibilities for plyometric exercises.

Tell us a little bit about your training sessions.  How do TMP coaches keep you motivated while pushing you to new limits of physical and emotional strength for Olympic level competition?

We usually have a few  basic lifts like pull-ups and bench press.  We also utilize medicine balls for many different plyometric workouts.  We have about 10 different standard lifts and then also a bunch of dynamic core  exercises that are important to Nordic skiing.  The coaches at the Mountain Project are always positive and engaged in the workout.  I think that when you are training at the highest level you usually don’t need motivation –  but with that said the coaches at the Mountain Project create a awesome relaxed and focused environment that promotes a very positive and fun place to push yourself and work for big gains.

Where have you felt the most progress in your competitive edge while getting your sweat on at TMP?

I think that I have made the most progress in my explosiveness on snow and I have continued to improve my core strength which has made a major impact in my skiing.

Give us a glimpse of the events you’ll be competing in during upcoming weeks and months, and how you’re mentally preparing in addition to all of your physical training?

We are now down to the home stretch we have had a couple world cups one in Canmore Canada and then another in the Black Forest in Germany.  The main focus this year though is obviously the Paralympic Winter Games and we will be heading to Korea the 1st of March and competition starts on the 9th of march.  I will be competing in 2 cross country races the Sprint event and the middle distance which is 7.5km.  I will also be competing in 3 Biathlon races the Sprint, middle, and Long distance race, the distances vary from 1km to 15km.

When the TMP community gets together to cheer you on and celebrate your victories, should we toast with IPA, champagne, or kombucha?

I’m a pretty simple guy and would definitely appreciate it if everybody enjoyed their favorite beer should I make the podium !   Only in Bozeman would someone make Kombucha an option to celebrate with haha, you have to love this town.

TMP Note:  Kombucha would never be our first option either, Aaron.  Bring on the PBR.